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Synthetic Compressor Oil

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BUY ANDEROL 755 x 20 litres. PROCESS GAS LUBRICANT . SYNTHETIC LUBRICATING OIL . DESCRIPTION: ANDEROL® 755, previously known as “ANDEROL Process Compressor Lubricant”, is an ISO 150 diester based synthetic compressor lubricant, specifically designed to provide long-term lubrication in process gas compressors. This product provides outstanding performance characteristics in both splash and piston type reciprocating compressors. APPLICATIONS: For cylinder and frame lubrication of reciprocating compressors and vacuum pumps using the following gases: • Air • Furnace (crack) Gas • Natural Gas • Ethylene • Methane • Synthesis Gas • Hydrogen Sulfide (dry) • Sulfur Hexafluoride • Carbon Monoxide • Propane • Carbon Dioxide (dry) • Hydrogen • Butadiene • Helium • Nitrogen Nominal Operating Range is –15°C to 250°C ADVANTAGES: • Low level of volatility Fewer oil changes • Reduces compressor maintenance • Greatly reduces fire and Explosion hazard • Separates water condensate rapidly • Lower oil consumption • Eliminates lacquering and deposits • Reduces energy consumption APPROVALS and SPECIFICATIONS: ANDEROL 755 is field tested, approved or recommended by major compressor manufacturers. The product is approved and listed in UOP’s T-509-02 “Reciprocating Compressor Spec Writer, REV. 1.2”.
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