BUY HOUGHTON SHELL Ensis DWO1200 x 20 litres

HOUGHTON SHELL Ensis DWO1200 x 20 litres

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All Shell Metalworking Fluids are now Houghton manufactured.

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BUY HOUGHTON SHELL Ensis DWO1200 x 20 litres VOC free, long term rust preventative oil,which leaves an oily film with dewatering properties. Suitable for metal surfaces likely to corrode in storage or in use. The product protects metal parts from the damaging effects of moisture,air,detergents & other contaminents. It can be applied by dipping,brush or spraying. After the evaporation of the solvent Ensis DW 1200 leaves an oily protective film on surfaces which can easily be removed with aqueous alkaline cleaners or solvents. Due to the thin oily film,the product must not be removed before assembly or top-up with the final liquid. Effective in neutralising finger-prints. Resists cracking & peeling. Use Ensis DWO 1200 where you require excellent covering capacity & excellent medium-term protection. Duration of protection : Indoors,12 months.Covered Outdoors,3-6 months. Outdoors,Up to 1 month. Film thickness 2,3 (um). Shell Pt. No. 550015254 Houghton Pt. No. 69224/11
Additional Information
Additional Information
Manufacturer Houghton
Part Number 69224/11
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