BUY TOTAL Finaturol HT x 208 litres

BUY TOTAL Finaturol HT x 208 litres.
Vegetable demoulding oil for high temperatures.

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BUY TOTAL Finaturol HT x 208 litres. Vegetable demoulding oil for high temperatures. Applications: FINATUROL HT is a vegetable demoulding oil. It is used for severe moulding operations after they have come out of the oven. FINATUROL HT guarantees a perfect demoulding operation for all bakery and pastry products and it respects the taste and odor of the finished product even for products with a long shelf life. The film is maintained during the baking of the products. It ensures excellent demoulding performances and it prevents sticking. Specifications: FINATUROL HT is a 100% vegetable oil guaranteed GMO free and made without animal products. It is a mixture of vegetable oils and food additives which are included in the positive list of the European directive 95/2/CE. FINATUROL HT meets the international laws concerning food processing aids. Its use is subjected to the applicable laws and regulations in each country. It may be used in direct contact with food according to USA FDA CFR 182-184 FINATUROL HT complies with 1829/2003/CE and regulations related to the labeling of GMO (GMO free). FINATUROL HT is free of food allergens in compliance with 2000/13/CE and 2003/89/CE. Advantages: Due to its excellent resistance to oxidation, FINATUROL HT prevents deposit formation, thus reducing the cleaning frequency. It extends the life of the equipments and of the mould coating. FINATUROL HT allows to significantly reduce oil consumption (up to 40%) in comparison to conventional demoulding agents ( vegetable or white mineral oils). Due to its specific formula, FINATUROL HT does not change the taste nor the odor of the finished product. FINATUROL HT is a homogeneous liquid which doesn’t require pre-heating. Its viscosity allows the customer to use it in a spraying system without heating it.
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