BUY TOTAL Moto 4 XT Tech 10W-50 x 4 litres (Box of 4)

BUY TOTAL Moto 4 XT Tech 10W-50 x 4 litres (Box of 4).
4 Stroke Engine Oil (Motorcycle).

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Product Description
BUY TOTAL Moto 4 XT Tech 10W-50 x 4 litres (Box of 4). 4 Stroke Engine Oil (Motorcycle). 100% Elf Synthetic technology lubricant. Tested and approved by the DAKAR competitors. Applications: MOTO 4 XT TECH is particularly recommended for all high performance 4-stroke Motorcycles. MOTO 4 XT TECH is ideally suited to urban traffic use, rural conditions and high speed motorway travel. MOTO 4 XT TECH is perfectly compatible with catalytic converters. The manufacturer's recommended oil change intervals and the required minimum viscosities must be respected. This lubricant is compatible with lead free fuels. Performance: Designed with new design synthetic base oils, MOTO 4 XT TECH keeps your engine cleaner. This lubricant is ideally suited for different engine loads and maintains engine power (High-endurance-performance). Guarantees a safety margin for the engine and its periphery. This product has successfully passed the severest tests in competitions. For many years Elf has led the field in terms of expertise, innovation and tribology on the international circuits, its know-how guarantees the superior quality of MOTO 4 XT TECH. The formula complies with international specifications. MOTO 4 XT TECH is multigrade oil. Its viscosity is adapted to the temperature variations of the metallurgy between -25°C (cold starting) and +330°C (at the top compression rings). Its innovative formula meets the new JASO MA 2 specification (Japanese Automobile Standards Association) for wet clutch 4-stroke Motorcycles. The friction factor is specially adapted to the mechanical requirements and prevents clutch slippage and disk plate wear, providing extra grip clutch for the users. MOTO 4 XT TECH meet the API SJ level (American Petroleum Institute), this level is required by international motorcycle manufacturers. Advantages: MOTO 4 XT TECH has successfully passed a very severe oxidation test. This high quality lubricant provides good thermal stability; it remains fluid and efficient during all temperature variations. The additives and base oils selected for MOTO 4 XT TECH's formula prevent deposit formation, maintain hydrodynamic lubrication and preserve the original power of your engine. The HTHS viscosity (high temperature, high shear) of MOTO 4 XT TECH gives users ideal performance in extreme pressure conditions. The chosen viscosity guarantees engine protection thanks to its anti-wear properties (oil film thickness). The lubricant's molecular structure resists extreme transmission pressures. Specific additives create a protective layer which gives smoother gear changes, reduces mechanical and transmission noise and protects metal parts in contact. The base oils form a homogenous oil film between the clutch disk plates to prevent clutch slippage and disk wear. Improve the gear box life. Special formulation providing extra grip during shifting gear. Power transmission approved.
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