BUY TOTAL Osyris DWX 9000 x 19 litres

BUY TOTAL Osyris DWX 9000 x 19 litres
Corrosion protection fluid.

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Product Description
BUY TOTAL Osyris DWX 9000 x 19 litres Corrosion protection fluid. Applications: Corrosion protection fluid that coats parts with a soft, fatty film a slight dewatering effect. Osyris DWX 9000 complies with American Standards AXS 673, AXS 1759 grades 1 and 2, as well as with MIL-C-972 grade 3. Osyris DWX 9000 complies with Standard ISO 6743/8 (1987) : category RFF. Osyris DWX 9000 is fluidised by a volatile solvent. Osyris DWX 9000 is recommended for protecting polished sheet metal, black sheet metal, galvanised sheet metal, strip steel and, generally speaking, all types of metal stored outside and of course, inside for a very long time. Osyris DWX 9000 is suited to packaging bulky material or different types of parts in readiness for maritime transport. Osyris DWX 9000 may be applied: by spraying, by immersion, with a brush. Advantages: Protection over very long periods: - 2 months outside (exposed to the weather), - 9 months outside, in covered area, - 18 months when stored inside. Rapid evaporation of the solvent. After evaporation of the volatile phase, Osyris DWX 9000 deposits a thick, waxy, film that is very adherent and stable. Very high spreading power. Excellent resistance to humidity, surface water and acid atmospheres. Water-repellent properties. Osyris SWX 9000 avoids corrosion caused by directly touching parts with the hands and is equally effective on polished parts. Application of the fluid can be monitored: when examined under the Wood lamp, parts show a fluorescent yellow.
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