BUY U-POL TIGER SEAL WHITE x 310 ml ( Box of 12 )

BUY U POL TIGER SEAL WHITE x 310 ml ( Box of 12 )

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BUY U POL TIGER SEAL WHITE x 310 ml ( Box of 12 ) Description TIGER SEAL is a one component urethane sealant and adhesive and is ideal for a number of automotive applications. It will permanently seal and stick body panels and trim. Will seal around windows, doors,lights etc. It will stick to most materials such as steel,aluminum, glass and most plastics. Health and Safety Statement FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY. Read full instructions before use. IMPORTANT: This product contains hazardous materials and therefore appropriate personal protective equipment should always be used. Please refer to the label and consult the material safety data sheet for full handling instructions and personal protection information. These are available via your local stockist or via the U-POL website at : WWW.U-POL.COM. U-POL disclaim any liability where the user does not wear the recommended personal protective equipment. Surface preparation and instructions for use. TIGER SEAL PU sealant and adhesive can be used on the following surfaces:- • Steel, aluminum, brass, iron. • Fiber Glass and most plastics. • Glass. • Wood. • Ceramics. • Paint. Surfaces should be clean and dry and free from grease. Application Apply with a standard cartridge caulking gun. Drying time 30-60 mins. to skin. 0.25”/24 hours to cure through at 72ºC and relative humidity of 50%. Over-painting TIGER SEAL may be over-painted with most paint systems once fully cured. Can be over-painted once it has skinned if using polyurethane paints. UP0728 - White 310ml cartridge.
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