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The UKs largest Industrial Lubricant Suppliers

Lubricant Supplies are a specialist distributor for quality branded lubricants, grease, chemicals and adhesives associated with engineering essentials to all sectors of industry throughout the UK.

We recognise the importance of supplying these products directly to our end user or OEM customers correctly, quickly and competitively thus maintaining their continuous services and production.

Should you not find the product you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us. Our offices are manned by industry trained professionals who will always be happy to assist with your enquiry.

We look forward to being of loyal service.

Lubricant Supplies are a Ministry of Defence NATO Approved Supplier : Ncage KCWY9

ISO9001 ISO14001 ISO18001

********     SYNERGY  205 litre Barrels of OIL  DELIVERED FOR FREE    ******** ( U.K. Mainland only )
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SYNERGY HYDRAULIC OIL, Mineral and Synthetic Industrial Gearbox Oils, ENGINE OIL, COMPRESSOR OIL,
MARINE LUBRICANTS,SLIDEWAY OIL and Mobil Distributor Hampshire